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Hello, we are Chris and Katelyn, and with the help of our three children, Jaxson, Hailey, and Luca, we are a home based breeder located in Burlington ON. Growing up, we both had a love for dogs, and both of our families have always had a dog throughout our childhood and beyond.


Chris was first introduced to Labradoodles when his mom, Barb, became a guardian for Lexi, a previous CCL dam. Eventually, Barb and Chris became a partner with Todd, the previous owner of CCL. They bred Labradoodles in Ontario, while Todd continued to breed in Saskatchewan. In the summer of 2018 after a decade of breeding, Todd retired from breeding to pursue his career in the medical field.

We were married in July 2018 and decided to keep Canadian Chocolate Labradoodles going. Shortly after that we adopted Taylor, our Bernese Mountain Dog, and decided to add Bernedoodles to our breeding program as well. 

 Since then we have welcomed our three beautiful kids, along with plenty of litters along the way! The pups grow-up in the center of our busy house and we love every moment of it!

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