Our Labradoodle Puppies

  • We breed standard sized Labradoodles, about 20-23” and 45-60 lbs depending on the parents. 

  • We specialize in Labradoodles that are brown in colour, ranging from chocolate brown to lighter shades of cafe, and parchment. We occasionally have brown and white parti coats from a few select breeding pairs.

  • Most of our puppies will have a full bodied non-shedding fleecy or wool coat, although there may be one that has a more "scruffy" look in each litter 


Our Bernedoodle Puppies

  • We breed standard sized Bernedoodles, 50-75 lbs and 18-24", size range is average, some can be larger or smaller depending on litter

  • We currently offer standard size F1 or First Generation is a Bernese Mountain Dog bred to a poodle, or a 50/50 mix. This pairing is low-to-minimal shedding and allergy friendly

  • Colours vary in litters, we focus on traditional tri-colour


Health Testing

Health testing of your puppies parents is of critical importance to us. Their genes determine the health of your cute little puppy years after you take him/her home and fall in love. Your puppy can live for 10-15 years and live a happy, healthy life if you buy from a responsible breeder that health tests both parent dogs.

All of our breeding dogs are tested by OFA for hips, elbows, cardiac and patella . We also genetically test for the diseases found in  labradoodles, bernedoodles, poodles, and labs to ensure we are only breeding healthy pairs. 


We are committed to breeding the highest quality labradoodles and bernedoodles possible and will only use a stud that is also health tested to ensure the best health for the puppies.